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Apart from being in the studio recording songs, meeting the fans and having a number one single or album, touring and playing gigs is what its all about for McFly. Performing the songs they wrote to thousands of screaming fans, for them, is the best part of the job.

Its ok to have posters of them on your bedroom wall or go on about who's the best or fittest looking in the band, or read about their most embarrasing moments, but its the music that matters most and playing the songs at gigs just makes it all worthwhile. So along with the Discography page, this page is all about the music and the gigs, (with extra backstage secrets and videos!) to keep you entertained.

If you havn't been to a mcfly gig and desparate to go to one, but have no money, or you just hadn't been able to go to one of their gigs yet, this page will be the next best thing!

The Tours so far:

McFly's first Headline Tour in 2004

Motion In The Ocean Tour 2006

Up Close And Personal Tour Spring 2007

Greatest Hits So Far Tour Autumn 2007

Radio:ACTIVE Tour 2008

I will put up all the McFLY interviews of their Up Close And Personal Tour Programme soon so keep checking back!

Mcfly just before they were about to go on stage on their 2004 tour