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The music is what matters most...

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Debut Album
5th of July 2004: Debut Album 'Room On The Third Floor' was released.
Charted: No.1 (11th of July 2004)
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Second Album
29th of August 2005: the Second Album 'Wonderland' was released.
Charted: No.1 (4th of September 2005)
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Back To Albums; 6th November 2006: Motion In The Ocean (3rd album) was released.  UK Chart No: 6
A second edition was released with a DVD of the Motion In The Ocean Tour.
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Album: All The Greatest Hits
Released: 5th November 2007
UK Chart No: 4

Album: Radio:ACTIVE. Released: 22nd September 2008. UK Chart No: 8

DVD releases

Favorite Songs

Ah, i cannot choose between all of their songs...there are too many!! but if i had to choose, first from their debut album 'Room On The Third Floor,' my favorites would have to be '5 Colours In Her Hair,' 'Room On The Third Floor,' 'Hypnotised,' 'Not Alone,' and 'Down By The Lake.'
From their second album, 'Wonderland,' my favorites would have to be 'I'll Be Ok,' 'Ultraviolet,' 'I Wanna Hold You,' 'Too Close For Comfort,' 'All About You,' (everyone's favorite McFLY song!) and 'Dont Know Why.' I also love 'She Falls Asleep' its such a sentimental song, and "the saddest song we've ever written' (quoted by Tom). I love all of their songs...they have not written one song that i don't like, they're brilliant!!

I cannot choose my favorite cd by them, they are all great!!

My Review on their 3rd album 'Motion In The Ocean'

Track One; We Are The Young

Perfect song to kick off the album. Written by the guys and a little help from James Bourne, the song is a rock-solid manifesto for McFly, their fans and everyone else below pension age in 2006 Britain - a frenzied declaration that the kids are still alright. What an anthem.

Track Two; Star Girl

This is the second single taken off the album. They had written and recorded the song but were not happy with the lyrics. Tom dreamt one night that they had written a song about falling in love with a girl from another planet - basically an alien, and it was a massive hit. Tom woke up the next day and told it to Dougie, and now Tom's dream has come true!

Track Three; Please, Please

This song was a double A side with their cover of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' (which is also on the album - a bonus track), which was released in July this year. This was written when McFly were filming 'Just My Luck' with Lindsay Lohan. Although this is a song about a girl called Lindsay, (Quote by Danny; "Please do not make any connection between the Lindsay in the video and the Lindsay we met on set"), so lets not. The track brilliantly captures the fun and energy of McFly with echoes of The Who. I love this song, generally because i love the video (where they get their kit off!)

Track 4; Sorry's Not Good Enough

Containing all the traits of a McFly classic (great hooks, instant melodies, beach boys harmonies) this is a massive pop song – upbeat, angry, confused and begging for forgiveness: “sorry’s not good enough for you, but everybody makes mistakes – that’s just what we do”. (Quote by Tom; " This is one of the first songs we wrote for the album so it set the tone for the rest of it…we knew we wanted to make an album which would put a smile on people’s face as they listened to it.")

Track 5; Bubblewrap

An epic song - From the very start to the very end - And its such a tear jerker. An anthem for the broken hearted, replete with a tinkling music box for added blub factor and a few surprise twists and turns as the song unfolds into a modern rock epic. Out of all the ballads (Close to 'She Falls Asleep) this is the best ballad they have written so far.

Track 6; Transylvania

One of the oddest pop songs you’ll hear this year: starts off sounding like Pink Floyd, turns into a medieval folksong, thinks for a brief moment about being a Spinal Tap song, then swerves into Queen territory. When the song got to the bit just before the chorus with the deep voices, i bursted out laughing. Its just one of those songs where, when you first hear it, you just cant help but laugh. But no, this song is really great, once i heard it for the third time i couldn't help but sing along to the sweetness of Dougie's voice in the chorus. As you may have already guessed, Dougie wrote this song. (Quote by Dougie; " It’s set in medieval times – it has a very dark atmosphere – and it’s about a member of the royal family falling in love with a farmboy. They plan to run away together where these things don’t matter. The verses are narrated, the bridge is the guy singing and the chorus is the crowd singing.")

Track 7; Lonely

This track is the one where its the most reminiscent of McFly's earlier work. With a feel close to ‘Obviously’, Tom begs of a lost lover: “I’m so sick of being lonely, this is killing me so slowly, don’t pretend that you don’t know me…” To me, the very beginning of this song, with the acoustic guitar, reminds me of 'All About You.' But this track is its own in its own right. Track 8; Little Joanna
A bouncy, summer-scented tale of forgotten romances, a summer romance with a girl called Joanna. (Quote by Dougie; Dougie: "This song comes from around the time we locked ourselves in the flat to write for the album. I was trying to think of topics for the song. I’ve still got lizards in my room and I had all my tanks there, glowing, and the crickets were bleating. It reminded me of being on holiday and I thought ‘summer romances are awesome’. Holiday romances are always really good, aren’t they? So Tom and I sat down and spent ages on trying to paint a picture of what a holiday romance is like. The lyrics are metaphors so it takes a while get them'') I absoulutly love the lyrics to this. I'll listen to this when its freezing cold and pouring with rain outside, and think of the summer.

Track 9; Friday Night

With chugging guitars and half-rapped, half-sung vocals reminiscent of 90s rockers ‘A’his track sounds – as is, in fact, about – fighting in the street on a Friday night. As usual it is all over a girl. (Quote by Harry: "This is another example of one of those songs we’ve tried to do something different with – there are still some really poppy moments on it, but it’s just something slightly unusual to keep things interesting.") Yes, an interesting track and i love it. Its different and thats what i love about this song.

Track 10; Walk In The Sun

Danny takes on solo duties for this pensive, laid-back and breezily confident meditation on life and future plans. Destined to be something of a favourite among McFly’s fans, the track brilliantly showcases the band’s expanding ever-changing influences and expanding horizons. (Quote by Danny; This is about being a kid. I’ve always looked at things and wondered how they work. I was probably quite an annoying kid – ‘why is that doing that?’ ‘Why is the sky blue?’ – but I just like to understand things. This song particular is just about wondering, and also wandering, in the sun. I didn’t want to write about stuff in my life – AGAIN! – so I went back to when I was a kid.) I absoultly ADORE this song. I adored 'Not Alone,' (also written by Danny and sung with Tom) and 'Don't Know Why' (Written by Danny and his sister, Vicky) and now Danny's back with another solo song. Great!

Track 11: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Originally written for the World Cup earlier this year but unfortuneately didn't get to be the official song, 'Home Is Where The Heart Is,' is, in my opinion, the best song they've written since 'All About You.' A breathtaking anthem.
Track 11; (Bonus Track) Don't Stop Me Now.

This is a cover of one of 'Queen's' songs and was the official Sport Relief single.