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All About Tom Fletcher

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Full Name: Tom Fletcher
Date of Birth: 17th of July 1985
Hometown: Harrow
Star Sign: Cancer
Distinguishing Features: Dimple, only got 1!
Fave Film/s: The Beach / Vanilla Sky / Almost Famous / Shawshank Redemption / Back to the Future / Ghostbusters!
Fave Band: The Beachboys
Fave Drink: Grape and melon high juice
Fave Food: Pizza, pop tarts
Fave Subject At School: Art
Most Embarrasing Moment: Fell over a massive sign outside a packed pub at lunchtime with all my friends
Features: A tattoo of a star on my foot
Tom grew up listening to bands like the The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and finds a fascinating charm in 60s music. "I've always loved the fact that there's a really unique quality to sixties music," he grins. "Everything from the chord progressions to the melodies themselves - and they still sound amazing today. If you’ve heard Busted’s second album you’ll already be familiar with Tom’s work – many of the tracks were co-written by Tom with the rest of Busted, just as James from Busted has lent his own hand to many of McFly’s own tunes.


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