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Trailer Of Just My Luck

Click Here to watch exclusive interview of Mcfly about Just My Luck by Yahoo! and a clip of the film 

view trailer Exclusive Interview with McFly

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Quotes from Just My Luck By Mcfly
Danny; Poor Doug misses his mum.
Danny; Your mum's gonna have to wait one more week, Doug.
Dougie; My A string!
Danny; Ow, my eye!

McFLY Secrets!

Danny was once told by a palm reader that he would "definately hit the big time!"

Dougie says he'd like the Blink 182 song 'Happy Holidays' played at his funeral.

Harry has a scar on his MFEM from running into a window. awww!

Tom cried watching the last ever 'Friends.' awww!

The cops scolded Danny once, for trespassing in a car park!! tsk!

If McFly were girls, Danny would fancy Harry because "he's got nice cheekbones."

Dougie had a crush on his PE teacher.

"I once auditioned for 'V,' (5 piece boyband who were dropped by their record company not long after Busted split up) by mistake!" blushes Danny.

Danny says he likes to wear his fringe long to cover his ugly face............you're not ugly Danny!!!!!!!!!

Tom once appeared in a TV commercial for Curry's.

Dougie's nickname at school was Grunger.

Danny and Harry run away screaming if they see wasps!

Tom's convinced that when people die they go into space.

Danny's the bravest member of the band. "I saved someone's life on the Tube. The door shut on a women's MFEM and I prised it open, but she wasn't very grateful!"

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Harry: You're fired
Jake Hardin: You're firing me? You don't even pay me!
Ashely Albright: Jake is the guy i kissed at the masquerade bash.
Dana: No!
Ashley Albright: Yes.
Dana: No!
Ashley Alrbright: Yes!

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