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All About The Band

This is the biography of McFly, but it is also a half biography of Busted. They had close connections, despite having a different style of music (though some may think of them in the same category). I don't think McFly would be where they are today if it wasn't for the members of Busted, particularly James Bourne.

It all started when a band named Busted (James Bourne, Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson) hit the charts in September 2002 with their debut single 'What I Go To School For'. Tom Fletcher (Lead Guitarist and vocals) once auditioned for Busted and got to the final two but Charlie Simpson was destined for Busted. "I was really disappointed," he recalls. 
According to whoever wrote the Wikipedia on Busted, (previously named the Termites when Owen Doyle and Ki Fitzgerald were in the band before they were asked to leave), Tom was in the band for 24 hours before he was replaced by Charlie. (Ed) I'm not sure if this is a true fact, but I do know that Ki and Owen were in Busted. They recently went to court with James and Matt, claiming that they co-wrote the top singles of Busted's debut album and did not get the royalties they said they deserved from Busted's success. James and Matt denied their claims, and Owen and Ki rightly lost the case.

In late 2002, Tom met Bolton boy Danny Jones (Lead Guitarist and vocals). Danny used to play cover versions of Richard Ashcroft songs in pubs and clubs. They both turned up at the same audition for a new boyband, except neither of them realized it was to be an all-singing-all-dancing boyband. (This boyband was to be 'V' who toured with Busted and McFly in 2004). Danny and Tom got chatting and discovered they both share a love for 60's music and kept in contact.


Busted's managers decided to sign up Tom as a songwriter and he became good mates with the Busted boys. 

Danny soon joined Tom and began collaborating on a series of songs that would make up the McFly sound. They then held auditions to find a bass player and a drummer. "Loads of people turned up at the auditions and loads of them were really bad!" remembers Danny. "We narrowed it down to two drummers and two bass players, but Dougie and Harry stood out."


^ I Dont know whose quote this is but this is the advertisment for mcfly auditions. It may be Dougie or Harry's.
So Harry Judd, (Drummer) and Dougie Poynter (Bassist, vocals) together with Tom and Danny, moved into a house in North London with James Bourne, and spent a year honing their skills before they were presented to Universal, the record company. 
Paul Adams at Universal was so impressed by what he saw and heard that he signed the boys up straight away. "I was completely blown away," he remembers. "Every once in a while, you come across a band that you know will be huge and McFly is that band."

During that process, Tom co-wrote half of Busted's second album, 'A Present For Everyone,' including Busted's 5th single 'Crashed The Wedding,' which reached No.1 and subsequently then became Tom's first No.1 song in November 2003. On this single, McFly and Busted recorded a song together for the first time for the B-side. They did a cover of The Foundations classic 'Build Me Up Buttercup'.

In that time, a huge buzz began to form around McFly as they were presented to the country's media. Needless to say, the media loved them, and Mcfly were tipped for big things in 2004.

Meanwhile, Busted had great success, with 3 no.1 singles under their belt before they went on their second tour (Arena) 'A Ticket For Everyone.' McFly joined Busted as a support act (along with V) on Busted's first arena tour in early 2004. "It was a bit of a shock to be honest, when the curtain went up on the first night," says Danny. "Just all these people stretching out before you. But it was absolutely brilliant, we loved it." 
^ McFly on the arena tour with Busted
McFly's debut single '5 Colours In Her Hair' was released not long afterwards in March, and it soured straight to No.1 in the charts for two weeks. This success was about to climb as big as Busted's, as their second single, 'Obviously,' also reached No.1 a couple of months later. James Bourne helped write some of the songs on McFly's debut album, 'Room On The Third Floor,' which also reached No.1 in November 2004. 

But some good things do come to an end as on the 14th of January 2005, Busted sadly split up. 

But for McFly things just got bigger and better. Their next two singles, 'That Girl' and 'Room On The Third Floor' reached the top 5. Their 5th single, 'All About You' for Comic Relief, of course went straight to no.1 and they never looked back.

^ One of the very rare pictures of Busted and McFLY together. Oh and if your'e wondering, the title of this pic is how i got the title of this site haha!
Why the name 'McFly'?  
Tom named the band after Micheal J. Fox's character in the 1980's cult movie, 'Back To The Future,' when watching it with James Bourne one day. Danny also had something to do with it, - "Basically I was with Busted when they soundchecked for 'Year 3000'," explains Tom. "And the name just sprang into my head. Danny didn't like it at first, but when we watched the film, and there's a bit where Biff crashes into the side of a manure truck, and it had Danny's name on the side of the manure truck. That was it, that was the turning point!"  
In July 2004, the band broke their idols record, the beatles of being the youngest band to have their debut album hit the charts at no. 1, thanks to Dougie!!
In September 2004 the band went on their first headlining arena tour which kicked off in Wolverhampton. v
The following list shows all of McFly'a achievements and all the things they have done to date This is a long list, so hold your breath. One, two, three..and.....*breathe* in


  • Feb/March: They toured with Busted. The first single 'Five Colours In Her Hair' was released 26th March. 
  • April: 4th April, 'Five Colours In Her Hair' went straight at No.1 in the UK Charts for two weeks. 
  • June: Second single, 'Obviously' was released. Went to No.1 for one week.
  • July: With debut album, released 5th July, 'Room on The Third Floor', they became the youngest band to have a No.1 debut album - a title that was previously made by a band that are one of McFly's influences  - the Beatles. 'Room On The Third Floor' has been certified as a Double Platinum album.
  • September: Third single, 'That Girl' was released. Went in at No.3 in the UK Charts. Went on their first UK tour.  
  • November: Fourth single 'Room On The Third Floor' was released. Charted No.5.                                                                                                
  • February: They won one Brit Award for best pop act.
  • March: They went to Africa for Comic Relief and released the No.1 single 'All About You' to raise money for charity.
  • They released their second album 'Wonderland' in which they had two singles at no.1, had their first headlining arena tour with 'Wonderland,' in 2005. 

  • Starred in a movie with Lindsay Lohan called Just My Luck.
  • Released a third album called 'Motion In The Ocean,' in which they have released four singles (one of which went at no.1). 
  • Went on a second sold out arena tour with that album, 


  • Went on fourth tour called 'Up Close And Personal' in which they went to all the small venues like they did on their very first tour. 
  • Went back to Africa for Comic Relief 2007 to see how the money that was raised two years earlier has been used. You can read more abou this on the 'McFLY's Trip To Africa' page. 
  • Released a Greatest Hits So Far album and went on tour with the same name in Autumn 2007.
  • In late 2007/early 2008, they left Universal Records to set up their own record label called 'Super Records' and recorded their fourth album, Radio:ACTIVE in Australia, the first record to be released on their own record label. 
  • Released the first single from Radio:ACTIVE, 'One For The Radio' in summer 2008. 
  • 2008 

  • info to be added soon

  • 2009

Other Stuff

McFLY have still tons more to offer and they are certainly going to be around for a long time to come. If you don't believe me (which i'm sure you will) read a blog from their official myspace page www.myspace.com/mcfly

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