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Up Close And Personal Tour Spring 2007



Hello Harry, what did you get up to last night? 

I had a glass of milk, a slice of ginger cake and a bath.

Do you have to keep in shape being the drummer? 
Of course, I'm ripped. 

Who sweats the most? 

Who is the least hygienic? 

Normally me or Dougie but I've just had a shower so.....Dougie. 

Do you do any exercise other than drumming whilst on tour?

Some common arm exercise. 

Who is the strongest? 

You dressed up as a victorian lady in the video for Transylvania; how did that feel? 


Do you think girls have more fun with clothes than boys?

Well, I have more fun with girls clothes than boys. 

If you were a famous girl, who would you be? 

Angelina Jolie, cos Brad is hot. 

Are you looking forward to playing to more intimate crowds?


Cats or dogs? 


How would you think England will fair in the cricket world cup this year - ever wanted to join the barmy army? 

Semi finals, BARMY ARMY! 

Lastly, tell me a secret about yourself. 



How's it going Danny? 

Very well but still recovering from my 21st!!!!

On this tour you are playing smaller theatre dates - do you like the idea of being more up close and personal with your fans? 

Yeah we are doing it kinda back to front aren't we, Ha. Really looking forward to it. I love touring. 

Any banners that were particularly memorable from the last tour?

Yeah, there were a few, we always try to read them cause it makes all the fans hard work worthwhile. 

What's the weirdest thing you've had thrown on the stage in a show? 

Broccoli mmmm....and pancakes. And granny pants. We want more thongs.

Have you ever googled yourself? 

Yep. I keep getting this old man called Danny Jones. He is a business man with jam jar glasses and ginger hair. 

You're manager of Bolton Wanderers for a day; what would you do? 

I'd bring back big Sam and bring back Bruce Rioch, that would be epic, I'd also bring back David Lee. LEGEND. 

Have you ever trained with the team? 

No but I have been to watch them train a few times, I had a training session with Phil Nevill once. 

How did you cope? 

Not bad. I was a lot fitter then so I could run more. 

Tell me a secret about someone in the band. 

Dougie is a woman.

If you could be in any other band in the world, what band would it be? 

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - The Who. I always say them so I'm gonna say Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals...or The John Mayor Trio. 


Transylvania - it's the first time you've done lead vocals - did you like it?

Yeah, it was sweet, I'm alright at singing the high stuff, I just suck at singing the low soft stuff. 

Transylvania is traditionally the home of vampires, if you were a vampire who would be your first victim and why? 

Hate to change the subject but I went skydiving in OZ in January from 14,000 ft, how extreme am I!?! I felt like Keano Reeves in Point Break. Just thought I'd add that. 

Talking about sharp things on the skin, got any new tattoos? 

Yeah, got my eyeball tattooed. 

How's the reptile collection? 

Ahh, they're my babies. They are all getting big and strong and I'm training them up to be a little army to go and invade countries; reptiles will rule the world! Actually I've got a male red-bearded dragon quite a rare lizard, and I want to get a female so they can breed. 

What song would you play them to get them err...in the mood for lizard love? 

Viva Las Ketchup - does something freaky to reptiles. 

Would you bring your slippery friends on the tour bus? 

Are you mental? They are not slippery. Reptiles are cold blooded, they would die if I did that. Plus when Danny's in the mood you can't trust him with animals. 

You won the Virgin most fanciable male award last year. How does it feel to be officially the most fanciable male in the country?

I don't believe it! The vote was rigged. My mum probably voted millions of times!

Is there anyone you would consider to be competition? 

I look like a scruffy 12 year old, so I guess any scruffy 12 year olds!

Your nickname used to be ''grunger'' what is it now?

RBJ Donners - I have absolutely no idea what it means; Harry's mate Woody came up with it, and it stuck. You'd have to ask him, well I have, and still haven't got any sense out of him. 

Tell me a secret about anyone in the band. 

I got mis-quoted about saying that our fans have erm filthy imaginations - it wasn't me, honest; it was Tom. 

Do you still get nervous before you go on stage? 

Yeah definitely, and I like to. I think it makes you play better. If you get too relaxed about it you can get sloppy and make mistakes; I like a bit of edge. 


Hello Tom how are you on this sunny day? 

Feeling pretty crap. I've just had flu and now I've got a mega ulcer in my throat. Yummy. 

How was the Motion in the Ocean tour? 

Actually I was ill on that tour too. My immune system sucks. The shows were awesome though. 

By the way have you ever done a motion in the ocean? 

No but I p***ed in the Jacuzzi and Dougie was in it with me. That's why he smells funny. 

But on this tour you're going to get ''up close, and personal'' tell me why you want to do more intimate venues on this tour. 

We wanted to show the fans how ugly Danny really is so we're doing smaller venues to give them a closer look. 

I guess it makes the banners easier to read; any memorable ones from the last tour? 

Tom sucks.... I saw at least one of those every show. 

Lil Chris is supporting with you on this tour - have you hung out with him? 

Yeah a few times. We're gonna corrupt him on this tour. Watch out Lil Chris. 

You were responsible for the line; ''I fell in love with Uranus'' Speaking of which got any other great chat-up lines? 

Nope. Ask Dan. 

What did you get up to on your 21st birthday? 

I was working... as usual. I haven't had my birthday off since being in the band. We were number one on my birthday though and we sure had a big party at my house the weekend after. 

3 things you can't live without? 

Star Wars. Starbucks and oxygen.

Who would play you in the film about McFly? 

Just because of the uncanny resemblance - Leonardo DiCaprio. 

If you could be a girl for a day, who would you hang out with? 

I'd be the sixth member of Girls Aloud. 

Lastly tell me a secret about someone in the band. 

Dougie is my sister. 

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