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I apologise if i have taken a video thats yours. If one of these are your videos, please don't hesitate to message me to (with evidence) and i'll delete it. If your video was copyrighted, i apologise in advance for not asking permission to use it on my website.

Dont Stop Me Now Performance on Totp

Mcfly interviewed on Princes Trust ITV2

Taken from CD:UK - Playing Twister

I've Got You Video

McFLY Up Close And Personal MTV HITS part 1

McFLY Up Close And Personal Tour MTV HITS Part 2 (Not my video)

McFLY Up Close And Personal Tour MTV HITS part 3 NOT MY VIDEO

Making of I Wanna Hold You Totp Reloaded
The Making of 'I Wanna Hold You' video from Totp Reloaded.

Behind the scenes of Don't Stop Me Now 2

McFly on TMI

That Girl

Behind the scenes at Dont Stop Me Now

MTV - Mcfly interview on Wonderland tour

Another Mcfly On TMI

Danny's Disco

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