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New Single 'Don't Let It Go To Waste' video

So, you're going solo Mr Willis. Come on, are you bricking it?
‘Yeah, massively. I want it to do well. I am starting to sh*t it ‘cos everything else out on that Monday is really f***ing strong.'

Everyone we know loves your single, though.
‘Yeah, everyone loves the single, it's just whether or not they go out and buy it.'

When did you think right, I'm going to go solo and re-start my career?
‘I never, ever really wanted to go on my own, that's the thing. Everyone who does go solo says stupid things like, ‘I've dreamt about this since I was a little boy', but I never did. I was quite happy being in Busted and everything was a bit of a f***ing winner for me. But then, of course, other people have other plans so everyone said, ‘Mate, you've got to go solo. I still think it's a bit egotistical to go solo, though.'

Do you feel a bit self-conscious then?
‘Just feel a bit like a w***er, you know, going, ‘OK, I don't need anybody else, I'm good enough on my own.' That's not the way I feel.'

When did you decide to stop the partying and get serious with the music again?
‘Do you know what, I never decided to stop going out partying. I still go out very much, far too much probably. I always have.'

You had the nickname Beer Matt for a while. Has that been officially dropped?
‘No, I think I've still got that. In fact, I think I got called Beer Belly Matt the other day, which was quite nice. I think that's going to be stuck around for quite a while.'

Have you got any new nicknames?
‘No, not really. I've never really had any nicknames. I've always wanted one, like a good one, but you don't really get good nicknames, do you? Someone needs to come up with a good one for me.'

The new Robbie? That's what some people are saying! And does that mean James is Mark Owen and Charlie is Gary Barlow?
‘[Laughs] I'd say the other way round.'

Dish it, Matt. Do you three get on or not?
‘James and Charlie, it's not that they don't get along, they've just got a couple of unresolved issues. It's just one of those things that if they just actually sat down and talked through it they'd probably be fine with each other, but they just choose not to. They just never really hang out together. I think there's a couple of issues that no one really wants to talk about.'

You said you were going to meet Charlie for dinner a little while ago. How was it?
‘It wasn't dinner. I went to see Fightstar support Funeral For A Friend at Shepherd's Bush. I met up with him afterwards for a beer but I know what these things are like. He was really busy so I didn't want to be hanging on so I left. Then I got a message from him at 12.30am going, ‘Dude, where are you? I wanted to come and hang out and have a beer with you but you'd left.' That was real nice of him.'

So you're on good terms?
‘Yeah, definitely, man.'

Going back to Robbie, his single's out the same week as ‘Up All Night', isn't it?
‘Yeah, and Gnarls Barkley's still No.1. If I get a top five, I'll be chuffed to bits. I don't think I'm going to though. Maybe No.7.'

Bored of Gnarls Barkley yet?
‘I am kinda over that song, yeah, but it's still a f***ing amazing song so you can't really say a bad thing about it.'

You said something recently about James stealing your potential guitarist for Son Of Dork. What are you going to steal off him to get him back?
‘Oh, yeah, he did. I did want Chris Leonard but I stole everybody else.'

You a Big Brother fan?
‘I f***ing love it! It looks like it's gonna be ace. It's all rough girls and weirdoes.'

Is it a psychological experiment or a sleazy sex-fest?
‘I definitely think there's gonna be some shagging going on this time. I love it, I'm addicted. I never watched it before but my girlfriend f***ing loves it so last year I gave in.'

So now you're addicted and have no life?
‘Yeah, totally, man. I literally have no life.'

Best heckle you've heard, preferably about yourself?
‘For some reason people think it will be really funny to come up to me and sing ‘Year 3000' to me. It's not funny ‘cos I f***ing hate that song and it just p*sses me off.'

Do you have any strange talents that not many people know about?
‘Not really. I can down a pint really quickly, like in four seconds or something.'

Tell us about the really scary, obsessive fans you've got.
‘There are quite a few, actually. It's when they find out where you live and they come outside your house. Weird things they've done, I've had pubes sent to me sellotaped to a piece of card. And I got sent a vibrator one time. What do they think that's going to make me do? Maybe go, ‘Oh, you know, I'm in a relationship but you sending me some dirty vibrator is going to make me leave her, and come and find you.''

Finally, what is worth staying up all night for?
‘Big Brother live [laughs]. That was what I was doing last night. I didn't watch it all though, I called it off about 2.30am.'

Are you one of these people who watches the contestants sleep?
‘No, I'm not one of those people, that's just f***ing weird. I don't think anyone watches that.'

(Taken from Popworld)

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^ The New Hey Kid Video!!

How we've taken so long to crown this boy King Of POPWORLD we just don't know. Mr Willis, you are now POPWORLD royalty...

What's the first thing you'd do now your're crowned King Of POPWORLD?
'Get rid of dodgy Euro dance music. It does my head in, apart from that f***ing 'From Paris To Berlin' song. It's awful isn't it? It's the worst one of them all but I like it. It's absolutely awful but I'm like [clicks his fingers and nods his head like he's dancing]. It's just so wrong it's right.'

Where would you have your palace?
'I don't know, where is a pop palace? Do you know what, I couldn't ever move anywhere but London. I love London so I'd have to stay here. I'd just take over a section of Buckingham Palace.'

So you'd be happy with the Queen living there too?
'We'd kind of be roomies, you know. I'd let her borrow bog roll and stuff if she runs out.'

What would be your national anthem?
'It'd be 'Jump' by Van Halen. I really like Van Halen, I've got massively into them in the past couple of years. 'Jump' is my favourite song now, it's just so great, especially on a dance floor. I went to a wedding this weekend and it was the one song that everyone just went, 'Ohhhh,' until they played Busted actually and everyone went a bit mad at that as well. That was quite embarrassing for me, but still.'

Were you hiding under the table for that one?
'Hiding under the table? No, actually being forced to jump around with them in the middle of the dance floor.'

Who would perform at your coronation party?
'Who am I really into at the moment? I love 'Sexyback' by Justin Timberlake, that's a really cool song. I'd probably want him to play. I think he's a really cool guy.'

Have you met him?
'I have met him a few times, he's a really, really nice chap. I'd have McFly there because they're my little party buddies.'

So what would the party be like?
'Do you know what, I've always wanted to be a DJ. I think I'd be a f***ing awesome DJ 'cos I think I know songs that would get everybody going. I'd like to play my own DJ set.'

Your motto?
'The word's pop, not pap.'

And King Matt's promise?
'To never thank God in a speech [laughs]. And to never take himself too seriously.'

Who would be your advisors?
'My managers are very good advisors to me so I'd keep them in. Yeah, I'll be nice to them and put them in. I would say I'd have my girlfriend [MTV presenter Emma Griffiths] advise me but she's always far too right about things. You know when someone's just right about everything and you're like, 'Just don't advise me, I know what I'm doing is bad.' When I'm wrong all the time, it's a bit of a pain in the arse.'

What would be illegal in your kingdom?
'I hate going bowling, I'd ban 10-pin bowling. I f***ing hate bowling, it's so boring and it's rubbish and I'm rubbish at it.'

That's why you hate it really!
'Yeah, exactly. Everyone who goes 10-pin bowling, if they get a strike they all go round and high five each other. I'm like, ‘You're in f***ing Dagenham, not California, dude,' you know?

What would be the punishment if people broke the law and went 10-pin bowling?
'Anyone who went 10-pin bowling would have to become pins and I'd chuck down big balls of cheese at them. I'd knock them down with the cheese.'

Who would you banish from your kingdom?
'Someone would have to do something really wrong to be banished. What would I banish? Up their own arse's bands who think that just because they do something that they're the most righteous people in the world. That they have the right to have an opinion on everything else and think that they're right.'

Thinking of any band in particular?
'Yeah, but I'm not gonna say.'

Who would you have as your queen?
'Kylie's the queen of pop, isn't she? I suppose I'd have to get with Kylie. I know it would be rubbish, I know it would suck but Emma would understand that it's just part of being king.'

What would be the national food and drink?
'The national food would be meatball subs from Subway. I f***ing love them, but I have them too much. And the drink, you know what, I'm still such a beer head. If I could do anything and I could stop drinking beer, then I would, but it's just too nice. So beer and Subway.'

Who would you knight?
'I'd knight James Bourne. In fact, I'd knight all the Son Of Dork boys because then they could be around all the time. They're quite fun. I'm going on holiday soon with Chris from the band in a couple of weeks. I'm so glad he's coming because then at least I have one partner in crime. It's so I can go, 'Yeah, but Chris was with me as well, it wasn't just my fault.' I'd have Chris definitely as my right-hand man.'

Who would be your successor?
'You know what, I intend on being king for a long time. No one's quite up for it yet.'

(Taken From Popworld website)

Matt Willis Performing Up All Night on Top Of The Pops

Since Busted went bust, Matt Willis has been busy. Not only has the former bass player been working on his new album, he's been courting a bit of controversy too!

Are you happy with the way Hey Kid has been received?

There's nothing about the record that I would change. I recalled one song. Everything else was sounding amazing and there was just this one song that was niggling me and I thought if I don't take it back and do it again, for the rest of my life I'm just going to want it to be taken off this album.
It's like the first Busted album I'd love for there to be a few songs taken off that and never be heard by anybody ever again. I didn't want that ever to happen with this.

Did you have a lot of creative direction on this album?

Totally man. This is my thing: leaving Busted was weird because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. So it was like sitting there and going right, what am I going to do? Obviously I want to do another band because I don't want to go solo because that sounds boring and everyone does that.' I wanted to do another band so I started writing some songs with some people that I knew and that I liked the sound of and it ended up with this. Then I was like oh (bleep), I'm signing a solo deal. I really should have thought about getting that band together.'

So do you think you have escaped the stigma of being the Busted bass player?

I hope so. I wasn't very good at the bass anyway. I only played it because James and Charlie were better than me at the guitar. So I was like all right, the bass is boring but I'll play it'.
It's actually the hardest job because it's got to focus on himself the whole time and plus if you're singing and playing bass it's hard. Well, it's probably not if you're good at it. But I found it hard.

You come across as a bit of a workaholic?

Yeah, I love it. I thrive on it. When I'm not busy I feel like I should be busy doing something. I much prefer it when it's busy. I get into trouble when I've got nothing to do.
Left to my own devices I have a slightly self-destructive tendency. If I could stay busy all the time and I could stay working then I would. Sometimes you're screaming for a holiday but that only happens once a year.

Are you off anywhere soon?

Yeah, I'm going to with my reputation this might not sounds like the best idea but I'm going to a small little part of Ibiza. A little chilled out Island that's supposed to be quite nice.

Why did you choose Ibiza?

It's beautiful. The place where we're going is known for being really calm and really chilled so we're going to go there. My girlfriend is an absolute sun-worshipper and does nothing all day than just sit by a pool and burn. That sounds like the worst thing in the world to me. But I'll find something to do with my days.

And the nights.

Oh my God, no. I've warned her that I'm going once because I want to see what it's all about.

Do you worry about the tabloids when you're out there?

Oh God, I haven't even thought about that! It should be fine, but I've got to check it out. I just want to see loads of p*ssed up British people – it'll be funny.

You seem to be the darling of the tabloids at the moment. Why is that?

It's not something I've worked on. I certainly haven't tried to make them like me or something. They are nice people that's the thing. Everyone thinks to themselves oh, they work for a newspaper so they're scheming, horrible people who want to screw you into the ground'. That's not the way they work. If you've got a (bleep) (bleep)-load of skeletons in your closet and you lie to people then you're asking for trouble.

If you're just honest with people and say yeah, this is me, I do this, I do that but I'm a nice guy and I don't do anyone any harm or anything that bad' then I think you'll go all right.

you get a lot more press than the other Busted boys. Why?

I don't know. I'm probably a bit more interesting. I'm a bit more naughty than the other two. That's the only reason. They're camomile tea and bed after a gig.

Whereas you are...

[laughs] I'm a good boy these days.

You've had a few well-publicised problems recently. How do you cope with that?

Everybody does things which some people will not understand. I do things all the time which people don't understand and I do things which I don't understand sometimes. So you do them and you learn from them and you go right, that's happened and I'll draw a line under that'.

Sometimes you need to change. You can see yourself getting in a rut or in a way of being perceived that you don't actually want to be so you sort yourself out, put yourself in check, draw a line under it and start again. I haven't become a devout Christian I'm still a bit of a naughty boy I just try and tame myself every now and again.

What's the most rock and roll thing you've ever done?

I hate that question. I get it all the time and should think of an answer or a couple of answers.
I tell you what, I've realised that I'm still paying for one of my ex-girlfriend's Sky TV's. How much does that take the p*ss? I know her really well and she forgot to tell me!

You should charge her!

Yeah, I know. But the cheeky b*tch has upgraded it twice!!! So she's upgraded it and got the super-uber package where she gets everything for free. Cheeky cow. I'm ringing her up now!

(Taken from ITV website)

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