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They've conquered the charts and now McFly have set their sights on the Hollywood film scene. We grabbed the boys to talk popcorn, filming and - scream - nude scenes!
Hi guys! What's your new film, Just My Luck, all about?
Harry: It's a romantic comedy about luck. Some of the stuff is a bit unrealistic in terms of the comedy, but it's funny.
Tom: It's basically about Lindsay Lohan who plays the luckiest girl in the world and the main guy, played by Chris Pine, who is the unluckiest guy in the world, he's the complete opposite of her. But then they kiss at a party and their luck swaps. I won't tell you what happens at the endm but it's really good, really funny.
So where do you guys come into it?
Harry: We play the part of us, McFly, and we're the band that's managed by the main character so our success determines his luck.
Danny: We're like a sub-plot on the film, we play ourselves so there's not really much to act.
Is it easier playing yourselves instead of characters?
Danny: Yeah, so much easier. Obviously, they gave us lines and everything but we just say them in our own way.
How did you get involved with the film?
Dougie: The director was looking for an English band and we were perfect for the job really.
Danny: He didn't want actors, he wanted a real band and we were number one at the time.
Was it weird watching the film back afterwards?
Dougie: It's a bit weird that you've seen where everything actually is but it's not where it is in the film, like we filmed something in New Orleans and it turns up in New York. Then you see stuff on screen that you'd only seen from behind the camera!
Danny: For the live stuff, they filmed one of our concerts. I can tell that they've done it but i don't think anyone else will be able to.
Tom: It was horrible watching it back. It's not bad when we see ourselves perform, but seeing us acting is just horrible.
Danny: I thought it was good but i couldn't watch myself act, I was hiding behind my chair!
Was it scary making a film?
Harry: No it wasn't actually.
Dougie: It was a little bit because we're not used to it.
Tom: Yeah, it's horrible having to act in front of a film crew who see actors all the time, but it was awesome and we got on really well with the crew, we socialised a lot with them. Everyone was so helpful and really good to us.
What was it like working with the rest of the cast?
Danny: It was cool, a really great experience.
Tom: It was really intimidating for the first couple of days of filming, because we'd never done anything like that before, so with a whole fim crew and people like Lindsay there, it was pretty strange. The director, Donald (Petrie) was awesome and Chris (Pine) is a cool guy, we got on well and he made it easier for us.
Dougie: It was fun although it was a bit weird because my sister's really into Lindsay Lohan films.
Did anything funny happen during filming?
Tom: Lots of funny stuff happened. Us trying to remember lines was pretty funny. Some of the acting's funny too. Danny screwed so much stuff up.
Danny: It's not that hard trying to remember lines, because you might only have two per scene, but i'm quite forgetful. We had a laugh though, and played pranks and things.
Dougie: The best part of that film is gonna be the outtakes that they put on the DVD, I think that's the funniest thing I've ever seen us do. I'm not going to tell you anything though, you'll have to wait - but it was hilarious, and those extras should get an Oscar!
Is making a film much different to making a music video?
Harry: There's a lot more people and obviously we're not the main ones, it's not about us. It's longer as well, much longer hours, we were waiting around a lot.
Danny: You know your'e with the best of the best when it's a Hollywood movie. I'm not saying anyone can film a video, but there's higher expectations.
Dougie: It's not all that different, there's just a lot of waiting around for things.
Tom: Yeah, it can take eight hours for a 10-second shot, and they'll do that a couple of times and then they'll take hours and hours again to do another, changing the camera angles and stuff. But it's awesome, you're treated like proper film stars and everything - we had our own trailer and there were people running around after us.
What was your trailer like?
Tom: Well, it was messy when we'd finished in there! It was big though, the same size as Lindsay's, which was cool.
Danny: It was very nice, a really posh one, full of breakfast bagels - we got addicted to them while we were there!
If you could do a film soundtrack, what would it be for?
Tom: Doing a Bond film would be cool, that would be amazing, James Bond films are a really cool thing. But I've done a couple now, I did the song Busted did for Thunderbirds, and there's another film coming out this year I wrote the theme tune for with James from Son of Dork, and obviously, we've got the song for Just My Luck, but it would be cool to do something like James Bond.
Which of you was the best actor?
Dougie: Me. I didn't really say or do anything, so that was really easy for me. But doing nothing is the key. You watch, the offers will be flooding in!
Tom: Yeah, it was probably Dougie I think.
Harry: Tom used to act when he was at Sylvia Young's Theatre School, so probably him, but we were all alright, everyone pulled it off.
Tom: Well I'll say it's Harry then. Harry's probably got the biggest part of all of us, because it builds up to this big concert at the end and Harry ends up going missing five minutes before we go on stage and there's a big panic, so I think Harry's got a good part.
Would you do any more films?
Danny: Yeah, it was funny.
Tom: Yeah, I think it would be wicked. I don't think anyone would employ us to do another film though. We really enjoyed doing this one, it was really good fun.
Dougie: I'd like to do a Matrix follow up or something.
Harry: As a band, but not on my own. I'd like to, but not right now, I'd want to wait for a while.
McFLY MOVIES   wanna know what the boys watch, who
                                           they want to be, and will they go nude?
                                           Read on...
If they were making a film of your life, who would you want to play and the rest of the band?
Harry: Clint Eastwood for me. Kelly Osbourne would play Tom. Liam Gallagher as Danny, and Rolf Harris could be Dougie.
Tom: Tom Cruise, or anyone who's got as nice a body as me! Jack Black for Dougie. Jim Carrey as Harry and Peter Kay can be Danny.
Danny: Tom Hanks would be me. Russel Crowe as Harry 'cos he's posh. Jude Law for Dougie and Tom would be Johnny Vegas.
Dougie: I'd be Ron Jeremy. Pinky and Perky would be Tom and Danny and Harry would be played by David Hasslehoff.
Who would be your leading lady?
Danny: Sienna Miller.
Tom: Katie Holmes - if Tom Cruise is playing me, it's the natural thing!
Dougie: Jennifer Aniston.
Danny: Drew Barrymore.
The most important question...if you had to do a nude scene, would you do it by yourself or bring a body double?
Danny: Body double!
Tom: I don't think they'd find a body double for me, so I'd have to do it myself.
Dougie: I'd do it all myself.
Harry: I'd probably do it - but I might have to have a few shots of whisky first!
Danny: Actually, it might be a laugh, I think I'd do it.
If you could be any film character, who would it be?
Harry: Probably some action guy, so I could do some stunts.
Danny: Yeah, I'd like to be in an action film with George Clooney.
Tom: Luke Skywalker, so I could have a light sabre.
Dougie: I'd love to be Spiderman, it would be so awesome to have superpowers.
What are your favorite films?
Harry: Ace Ventura is my favorite comedy. When I was younger, me and my brother watched it all the time. I still find it funny and I can quote the film - annoying, but I can't help it!
Danny: Alfie is my favorite at the moment, and the remake with Jude Law. I think E.T's my favorite film ever - but I don't cry 'cos I know it's not real.
Tom: Star Wars. I went to see the first new one the day it came out and I must have seen it 20 times in the cinema, I even saw it twice in one day. I was a bit of a geek!
If you were having a night in with a girl, what DVD would you rent?
Tom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! No, I'd let her choose. I like all kinds - even girly flims!
Harry: Yeah, I'd let the girl choose too, but nothing rubbish!
Danny: An American Tale: Fievel Goes West. I think it's a cheesy going for the romantic film - plus it's the obvious choice. I like going against what's expected.
What is your perfect film food?
Harry: Hot dogs with mustard.
Tom: Popcorn obviously. In America they do it with butter on, it's really greasy, horrible.
Danny: Popcorn gets stuck in your teeth. I prefer nachos.
Dougie: Once me and Harry went and bought so much food! We knew we wouldn't eat it all but we were really hungry! I bought one of those slush puppy things and my brain froze!
- taken from TvHits!

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