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Magazine Interviews

Top Of The Pops Interviews
30 second clip of mcfly performing 'Please, Please'

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What do you think Simon Cowell would say about your vocal talents - individually and as a group? Would you reckon he'd say something catty or something nice?
Harry: I think if we auditioned for X-Factor, I think he'd love Danny. He'd like Tom...
Tom: I think he'd have a problem with my image.
Harry: I think he'd like Dougie. But probably, Dougie wouldn't be good enough. And me, I'd just be straight through to the next round.
Danny: Sharon would love you.
Tom: No, she'd love you.
Harry: I'd never get anywhere on X-Factor.
Danny: I reckon Louis Walsh would love Harry.
Tom: Yeah. Harry does all of his ballads.
Harry: I don't sing them though.
Danny: You've got the image though. I can't sing.
TOTP: Hey, Chico can't sing...
Harry: He can sing better than me.

How did you feel about losing record of the year to Westlife?
Danny: Pretty down.
Harry: No, it's fine. I think us and Westlife were favourites to win. And I was talking to Mark outside. I said: 'It looks like it's going to be a close race' and he said: 'Yeah, but y'know, good luck whatever happens.' And they're really nice guys. I think they deserved it. They've had a really long career...
Danny: They have won it four times though. They could have give it to us at least once. [Laughs]
Harry: I think it's a challenge to us for next year. Other than that, well done... Although we went outside afterwards and our fans were like: 'Sigh! F***** Westlife again!' [Laughs]

*no name* I've got tickets to see you at Birmingham NEC next year! Does that mean you're gonna be releasing a new album in 2006?!
Tom: We haven't made any plans to. Things could change. Our schedule's a bit hectic for next year, cos we've got a movie coming out next year. And new songs. We'll have new songs but we don't know if we'll have an album.

Are you nervous about releasing your film Just My Luck?
Tom: A little bit. We're nervous about what people will think of it. The movie's good. I think the movie will do well, but I don't know what people will think of us. Our acting is a bit... I hope people don't think we're like, serious actors. We're just like stuck in a cameo role throughout the movie. But it's good fun. We had a wicked time filming it. The movie's good and it was an incredible opportunity for us to be in it.

I would like to know if you are going to promote yourselves in America anytime soon?
Harry: Yes. Next year. We'll see you soon, Rosie.

Tom and Danny, do you ever fight over a guitar part?
Danny: No, never.
Tom: It's whatever makes more sense. If there's a really hard part that goes in while Danny's singing then I'd do it. It just works like that.
Danny: Yep, whatever makes it easier.

Have you ever Google'd yourselves and if so, has it ever come up with anything shocking?
Tom: I always do. I always type "McFly" in Google and see what McFly news is up there. But I've never really seen anything shocking. It's good, though, because we get to see news that we wouldn't normally know about.
Danny: I wish Bolton Evening News would send me a paper every day. Weekly deliveries.
Dougie: You should have a column in it.
Danny: Danny's column!

Tom, what do you look for in a girl?
Tom: Nice personality. Someone who's fun to be around. Yeah, someone who makes me laugh.

Have any of you got girlfriends at the moment?
Tom: I have!
Harry: I have!
Danny: Dating!
Dougie: Dating!
Harry: But you know, don't worry ladies. I'm sure we'll be available soon.
Tom: Yeah, we're all sluts.
Do you ever say you don't have girlfriends to the press, but you really do?
Dougie: You might not have a girlfriend at the time. You might be on a break or something.
Tom: Or you could be in an awkward stage in a relationship and you don't want to draw attention to it.
Would you ever date a fan?
Tom: Well... I guess so. It's just it's about not thinking of them as fans.
Harry: [Shakes head] Oh yeah, OK then. Why not? Bring it on!
Tom: If she's a nice girl and happens to be a fan of the music then I think that's OK.
Harry: Yeah, but not if it's someone who follows us and asks for autographs. Well... maybe, if they were really fit, and then turned out to be really nice.
If you absolutely had to go out with one of the boys to save your life, who would it be?
Tom: Hmm...
Danny: We'd all go out with ourselves.
Harry: I'd go out with Dougie.
Dougie: I'd go out with Danny but cheat on him with the other two.
Tom: I'd probably pick Danny. But not because of his looks...
Harry: But you'd have to lie with him and hug him. That's why I'd go with Dougie I think.

Who do you choose? A pretty blonde girl who's bad inside, or another girl who's not so pretty but has a nice heart?
Tom: The not so pretty one.
Dougie: I'd go out with the pretty blonde for a little while till I got fed up, then go out with the other one.
Harry: I agree.
Monkeys or cheese?
Tom: Monkeys.
Danny: Monkeys.
Dougie: Monkeys.
Harry: What? Oh, monkeys.

How many haircuts have you had between you since you started the band?
Harry: We've kept count. No, really!
Danny: I've only had about six, in two years.
Dougie: No, styles.
Danny: Oh, one.
Harry: I've had about [pretends to count] six.
Dougie: I've had about that.
Tom: I think we have our hair cut about the same as normal people, it's just that we get our picture taken a lot so it looks like more.
If you were still at school and very bored, what would you draw to fill the time?
Dougie: Boobs!
Tom: I'd draw a nice landscape drawing of the countryside, with a river.
Harry: And a man chasing a women across a hill. Like Dougie's geography drawing. It was a picture of the country but it was actually a woman lying down, with a boob for a hill.
Dougie: It was a landscape. With a forest...
What sort of presents do you receive from your fans?
Tom: Oh, everything. We get teddies. Underwear. Food.
Harry: Condoms.
Tom: Clothes, jewellery, DVDs. We love it!

They said they couldn't get that girl, but what if they got her, and then wanted to dump her? We chatted to McFly about the art of breaking up...

TOTP: Would you ever dump someone by text?
Harry: Only if it was a short relationship. Tom: Yeah, not in anything serious. Harry: It would have to be...[considers this]...a week-long relationship.

TOTP: What about by e-mail?
Harry: Yeah, I suppose so. Tom: It's the same sort of thing, really. Harry: But you can explain in more detail.

TOTP: And on the phone - do the same rules apply?
Harry: No, I think on the phone, it's maybe a bit more acceptable. Tom: Yeah, the phone's more acceptable, like, TALKING.

TOTP: Have you ever dumped anyone on behalf of someone else?
Tom: When I was, like, twelve. Harry: [laughs] No, I haven't.

TOTP: When was the last time you were dumped, and how did you take it?
Tom: The last time I was dumped was...um...at school. Yeah, and I went on holiday the next day.

TOTP: That's a good way to get over it! And what's the lamest excuse you've ever heard for getting the boot?
Harry: Oh, there's ALWAYS the lame excuses! [Giggles] Tom and Harry: "It's not you, it's me!" Harry: Well, if it's you, then go and sort your problems out, that's what I say.

TOTP: Would you ever dump someone in the form of a song?
Harry: No. Tom: No. They probably wouldn't understand anyway, would they?

TOTP: Would you ever dump someone live on TV?
Harry: Now that is really harsh. No.

TOTP: What's the best remedy for being dumped?
Tom: Masturbation. [Harry and Dougie crack up]

TOTP: Nice. How about something printable? [All laugh, then start talking at the same time.]
Harry: Eat ice-cream, apparently. Dougie: Explore your sexuality. Danny: [shouting over from the corner where he's having his hair seen to] Just put "yourself"! Harry: [continuing] That's apparently what girls say. Eat ice cream. Dougie: And that's how they get fat! Harry: And then they don't ever get boyfriends again! Tom: And then they commit suicide. Harry: And then everyone dies.

TOTP: What's the worst way you've been dumped?
Harry: Some girl started shooting at me. [Makes gunshot noises] Tom: Yeah, that was bad. Harry: [in a high-pitched voice] "Just get the *censored* out!"

TOTP: [stunned silence]
Harry: Not really, that was a joke.

TOTP: Actually, the next one's sort of related to that. Have you ever sustained an injury whilst dumping someone, or being dumped?
Harry: No, I've never been injured.

Dougie: Never been hit.

Tom: Never been kissed. [laughs]

TOTP: What is a good opener for 'The Talk'?
Harry and Tom: "Sooooooooooo........!" Harry: "So, me and you...come and take a seat...come into my office!" Tom: "Come into my office!?"

TOTP: And what have you done in the past to avoid 'The Talk'?
Harry: Run away. First class ticket, one way ticket to... Dougie: [interrupting] Nebraska. Harry: ...to the Bermuda Triangle Tom: Alaska. Dougie: [singing in a funny voice] "There is no water in Gibraltar..."
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Don't stop me now, McFly implored. So what about those times when they just can't stop themselves, eh?

TOTP: Have you ever had an uncontrollable urge to wee whilst on stage?
Tom: Yes. I have, yeah. It's always a good idea to go to the toilet before you go on stage. Especially if you're playing a long set.

TOTP: Anyone ever followed through?
[General mirth.]
Tom: On stage? No, not on stage. Very close, though.
Harry: We had a gap on our last tour, where Tom played a song on his own and I used to run off to go to the loo then. I ALWAYS needed the loo then. So I was fine.

TOTP: Have you ever had an urge to swear really loudly while recording a pre-watershed TV programme?
Harry: I've never had an urge, but I've probably nearly done it by accident.
Tom: Dougie did once, because he didn't know what he was saying was a swear word, going out on early morning TV.
McFly, this is Davina. You are live on Channel 4, please do not swear...

Harry: What was it?
Dougie: It was...can I say it?

TOTP: Yeah, don't worry, we can censor it.
Dougie: It was the word 't***'.
Harry: Really?
Dougie: Yeah, Danny had to hit something and I was like "Danny, t*** it!" REALLY loud. "T*** it, Danny!"

TOTP: Who in the band is least capable of controlling their urges?
Harry: What kind of urges?

TOTP: Any kind of whim, really. Who always has to act on their impulses?
Danny: I give out dead arms. 'Cos I can't argue. That's my way of arguing, a quick dead arm.
Dougie: And they kill.
[Danny gives Dougie a dead arm, except not really.]
Danny: You [pointing at Tom] - you used to wee A LOT. A lot less now.
Tom: Wee? [General murmurs of assent from the others.] Oh yeah, I used to go to the loo a lot. I used to have a real problem with going to the loo.
Dougie: Your thing now is Starbucks.
Tom: Yeah, I've replaced going to the toilet with drinking coffee.
Tom experiences another 'coffee or toilet?' moment.

TOTP: But doesn't drinking a lot of coffee make you wee a lot anyway?
Tom: Apparently not.
Dougie: I think it's poo, isn't it? Tom: Yeah, it makes you poo.

TOTP: Scratching in public places - acceptable? Yes or no?
Harry: To a certain degree, I suppose, you can scratch.
Dougie: [scratching himself] Nothing wrong with scratching...

Harry: I'd say THAT's [i.e. what Dougie's doing right now] fairly unacceptable, but I think you kind of do it without realising. It's the kind of thing that you do when you're sitting at home on a sofa and you just go "oh, it's warm down there. Like a little nest."
Dougie: With two eggs and a worm.
[Riotous laughter from everybody.]
Tom: Do worms lay eggs?
Harry: A worm that's laid two very big eggs.
Tom: Do worms lay eggs? How do they - do they give birth, or do they lay eggs?

TOTP: Don't ask us, we haven't got a clue. Have you had any nasty experiences with uncontrollable fans?
Tom: Not nasty experiences. It can get a bit awkward sometimes when you don't know what to say, because it's a bit weird when someone's - because obviously we're like that with people that we idolise, and stuff - but it's a bit weird when you don't expect people to be like that with you sometimes.
Harry: It's good when they're uncontrollable because it means you have a few people out there who really like you.

TOTP: When was the last time you gave into an urge and got into trouble as a result?
Harry: Oh, that's not a very speci - spefici - I have SUCH a problem with saying that word. I'm going to get speech-coaching, because I just...
Tom: Specific.
Harry: Specific. So, you had an urge, you didn't go through with it, and you got into trouble anyway?
Tom: No, you did go through with it.
Harry: Oh, you DID go through with it. Oh, I see.
Tom: Dougie punched Harry when we were in America. In the face.
Harry: [sternly] And he got in a lot of trouble with the authorities.

TOTP: That's interesting, because the next question was going to be: if you had an uncontrollable urge to punch somebody, who'd be on the receiving end?
Tom: We don't normally punch each other and mean it. But Harry was winding Dougie up, and Harry deserved it.
Pow! Whack! Bort!

Dougie: I've got a fist full of lead, mate. [Everyone laughs.] But it probably didn't really hurt that much, because my hands are about the size of a marble.
Danny: [making a slightly alarming noise] Sorry, that was my laugh. [Does it again to demonstrate.]

TOTP: Do you get that urge to lean just a little bit too far forward when you're on a cliff or a tall building?
Tom: [instantly] No way! I'm really bad at that. I'm not really scared of heights, like plane heights, but in those hotels with balconies, or I hate hotels where they look in on the lobby and there's marble floor. I can't stand leaning over stuff like that, it really freaks me out.
Dougie: On a chair, when you're leaning back. It's like, "ooh, could I go a little bit further?"
Tom: Yeah, that's a good one. I always have the urge to lean on chairs.

TOTP: And finally, when was the last time you threw a popstar tantrum, and why?
Harry: Last night. Because our monitors weren't loud enough. But it all worked out fine.
Tom: We had every right to throw a tantrum. But it wasn't really a tantrum - we threw a tantrum within ourselves, we didn't have a go at anyone. We were like, "OHFORGOD'SSAKEMAN..."
Harry: It turned out all right in the end.

TOTP: Do you feel like you're expected to be more mature at this second album stage, you know... brooding, wearing scarves, things like that?
Tom: No, I think it's not something that's expected but something that happens. Like when we released our first album we were all 16 and were just growing up. As you grow up together, music evolves, and musical tastes and influences change. It's just something that naturally happens.

TOTP: The music's changed, but are you guys growing up as well?
Tom: Well I tend to age a year every year. I have a birthday every year.

TOTP: Funny that. Are there any toys or objects from your childhood that you still have a weird attachment to?
Harry: Yeah. I was actually with one last night, chewing on my teddy. I've got this teddy. He's called Eddy the teddy. I've got a monkey... called monkey.

TOTP: So you're quite creative with the names?
Harry:Well that's the thing. When you're three, I was just like, "I'll call it monkey." And I have a teddy bear with pockets so he's called Pockets.
Tom: I just can't throw away stuff. At my parents house they've still got all of my old toys. I hate getting rid of stuff.

TOTP: So you've got a whole room full?
Tom: Yeah. Literally, I'm going to need two houses when I get older to keep all my stuff.

TOTP: Did you like He-Man?
Harry: Yeah. Master of the Universe!
Danny: You know She-Ra was their cousin and they had a bit of a thing together. That's wrong, that.

TOTP: No, we didn't know that! So if we were to market a McFly board game or video game for Christmas what might that involve?
Dougie: Lego and builders. Build a stage for us.
Tom: It should be like Halo - you have to pick one of us and then we have to kill each other with big guns.
Harry: Yeah, each level could be one of our videos and you could choose which level. And you could run round the video set.
Dougie: You could go through every haircut we've ever had and create your own player! Dress us, choose guitars...

TOTP: Cracking idea! So who's the most immature out of all of you?
Harry: [Everyone points at Harry] Sometimes. I just get excited. WWE! I love wrestling. I think it's awesome.

TOTP: And who's the parent figure?
Tom: Me. Probably.
Danny: But I'm the mum.
Tom: Yeah. Danny's the mum!

TOTP: Err, OK. So what sort of stuff do you do to let off steam?
Dougie: Put the kettle on!

TOTP: Oof! That was painful.
Tom: Urgh, I don't know I guess. I like to play the piano and relaxing.
Harry: And I like playing the harp and relaxing. I've got a harp in my room.
Tom: You're grade 8, aren't you?
Harry: I was. I just play it for fun now.
Tom: They used to call him Harry the harpist. Harry Harp-Pants!

TOTP: When was the last time someone gave you a stern talking to?
Tom: No one tells us what to do. I hate it when people are rude. I'm really bad if someone annoys me, like in supermarkets or something. Some guy was rude to us yesterday, but he walked off before I got angry.

TOTP: What did he say?
Tom: We were there with Son of Dork and he gave me this thing and said, "Can you sign it?" He worked at this TV show. So I signed it, handed it to Dougie and he signed it, and he handed it to Steve from Son of Dork and he said, "I'm in a different band." And the guy said: "Same thing, isn't it?" And we were like, "What? We're here on your TV show and you're being rude to us!" He walked away before I registered what he said, and then I was like, "What did you say?" But he'd gone...

TOTP: Which show was it?
Tom: CD:UK. Yes we still love CD:UK as much as we love TOTP!

TOTP: Phew! That's OK then. So, If you were left in charge of a baby in a hilarious four popstars and a baby scenario, would it be doomed or would you rise to the challenge?
Harry: Rise to the challenge!
Tom: No, don't give us a baby please. It wouldn't be good. We can barely keep ourselves alive without having to worry about a poor child's life. It would be a laugh, but it would be a pretty screwed up kid. He'd need counselling when he hit 15.
Danny: He could breastfeed off me and Dougie.
Dougie: He'd be a good guitarist. And harpist!

ok some things in this interview are slightly crude lol so i advise no one under the age of 12 to read this! ;-)

We know we're not the only ones who want to know everything the McFly boys know about kissing. So we asked them, for everyone's sake.

TOTP: We wanna know everything you know about kissing. So what was your first kiss and who was it with?
Danny: Jennifer Aniston.
TOTP: Yeah, in your dreams. Come on, there must have been someone at school who you kissed?
Danny: Yeah a girl called Becky.
TOTP: How old were you then
Danny: Thirteen
TOTP: And do you still see her?
Danny: No, she's got a kid and everything now.
TOTP: So what's the worst snog you've ever had?
Danny: (shakes head) I dunno, I don't think I've had one.
TOTP: So you've never had a bad snog ever?
Danny: I've had a bad snog. With braces.
Dougie: I had one where this girl was biting me, biting my face, it was horrible.

TOTP: Did you tell her she was bad?
Dougie: No I just didn't kiss her again
TOTP: I guess if she kisses like that, you never know what she'll do if you upset her? OK, do you keep your eyes open or shut when you kiss?
Harry: A bit of both
TOTP: Cos you've got to check to see if they've got their eyes open or closed haven't you? So would you use tongues on a first date?
Harry: Yeah. Of course.
TOTP: Cos we interviewed Simon from Blue recently and asked if he did tongues on a first date, and he said "no way". But you...
Dougie: Yes way (Tom enters the room)
TOTP: Hi Tom. We're just talking about kissing.
Tom: Kissing? I'm a great kisser.
TOTP: Have you ever had any bad kissing experiences?
Tom: Not really no. Not with anyone else outside the band anyway.
TOTP: Fair enough. What's your opinion on snogging in public?
Dougie: It's good. it's good for the environment.
Tom: It should be made illegal I think it's disgusting.

TOTP: Have any of you ever snogged a fan, like proper snogged?
Danny: No
TOTP: Would you ever consider it?
Dougie: If they were hot
TOTP: Are you saying that none of your fans are hot?
Dougie: Well they're definitely getting hotter, with bigger bras on if you know what I mean.
TOTP: Have any of you got any tips for the perfect kiss?
Dougie: With me.
TOTP: Just kissing you is the perfect kiss?
Dougie: Biting your lips is good. yeah it's sexy. Make em bleed.
Danny: Bite their neck.

TOTP: Ouch! Sounds more like Horror than romance. Have you ever heard any silly urban myths about kissing when you were little? Like that it can get a girl pregnant?
Dougie: It doesn't? Yes it does!
Tom: I've got three...That happened to me three times.

TOTP: So it's true then? you can get someone pregnant from kissing?
Dougie: Yeah except when you use those jelly sweets that are like lips. Cos they're like kissing-condoms.

What would you be doing for a career if you weren't in McFly?
Tom: I'd be a fighter plane test pilot. [Sniggers from the rest of the band.]
Dougie: I'd be Prime Minister.
Harry: That was really deep.
Danny, what about you? What would you do?
Danny: I don't know really. Oh, I'd be a producer.
TOTP: Harry?
Harry: I don't know. I'd like to play sport or something. Play cricket, maybe.
Tom: Actually, I'd be an astronaut.

What is the one thing you can't live without?
Tom: Air! Oxygen!
Harry: Food!
Tom: Water! Food. Mmmm. Um, I can't live without...I can't live without...
Harry: The ladies. [Laughs.]
Tom: I dunno. What can't you live without?
Dougie: Lungs.
Tom: Yeah, I think we've gone past the literal part right now. I dunno, stuff like...
Danny: Music!
Tom: Yeah, music, like my iPod.
Dougie: The urethra.

If you were a pigeon, which celebrity would you poo on and why?
Harry: Funny you should say that, because I got pooed on by a pigeon, so that pigeon decided that I would be the one that they'd poo on.

TOTP: Do you think that was another celebrity in disguise?
Harry: Maybe it was.
Tom: It was me! I was that pigeon. I'd poo on Harry.
Harry: I was in France, sitting on the beach, reading my book. Suddenly, BOSH! Tom the pigeon flies overhead, s**ts on my head and my book.

TOTP: Which was worse - having it on your head or on your book?
Harry: Well, the book kind of looked more scabby - it was really, like, creamy.
Tom: Pigeon poo is manky, isn't it?

Harry: They keep pooing on my new car, as well. Literally, I was cleaning my car, as soon as I finished, BOSH! Massive bit of poo down the window. Went into my house, got some stuff, cleaned it off, as soon as I cleaned it off: BANG! Again. So I, er, reversed the car away from the tree.
Danny: [apparently ignoring the interview and watching the rest of the show on the green room TV instead] I tell you what, the Sugababes have got some long eyelashes, haven't they? Check out them eyelashes!
Harry: They're a pretty bunch of girls, aren't they?

fan; Do you like drinking fresh orange juice with bits in, or do you prefer it without? I personally prefer it without, but I'd drink it with bits in if there was nothing else left.
Harry: That's a good question. I am always torn between the two.
Danny: I don't like bits. I like it smooth.
Harry: I think in the morning, without bits.
Tom: I like with bits, because I think it's healthier, even if I know it's just like strained...
Harry: It probably is healthier.
Tom: I don't think it is. Dougie, who only drinks Sunny D original, which is full of...
Danny: [re: the TV. Again] That's The Kooks on.
Harry: [indicating the microphone] Danny, they can't see. They can't visualise what you're on about.
Tom: So, with bits for me.

TOTP: Do you have any pre-performance rituals, and if so whose is the weirdest?
Tom: I dunno. I think it's always best to go to the toilet before you go onstage.
Dougie: We tickle each other.

fan; Tom, on your last tour at your gig in Glasgow, you made the whole audience boo at my friend and I, who were left very, very embarrassed. Can you say sorry, and all will be forgiven?
Tom: Well, that would probably mean that they left before the last song, which as everybody knows, everybody always saves the best song -
Dougie: They miss the fire.
Harry: Tom, just apologise.
Tom: Things happen at the end...
Harry: Apologise.
Tom: And - I'm sorry.
Dougie: But only if she apologises!
Tom: You have to have a valid reason! See, on the next tour, that's what we'll do. We'll give them a chance to give us a reason why they're leaving before the last song.
Danny: A big mic on a crane. Whoever leaves, we'll go "What's your reason?"
Tom: And if they haven't got a valid reason, they're gonna get booed by 10,000 people.
Harry: I apologise on behalf of Tom.
Tom: I know what it's like, because my mum and dad used to take me out before the encore to beat the traffic. Oh yeah, pay 40 quid for a ticket, "let's leave before the end." Good idea.

Harry: All right, all right, enough of that.

 Who do you think has the best haircut in the band?
Harry: Probably me, I'd say. Wouldn't you? I think it's unanimous. Yep! Next question.

 If you had to choose another band to be in for a massive gig, who would it be and why, and who would replace you in McFly?
Danny: I'd be in the Rolling Stones, just for a day, just for...what was that gig they've just done?
Dougie: I'd replace Keisha from the Sugababes.

TOTP: You've probably got quite a good chance, considering the number of times they've changed their line-up.
Harry: [singing] "Dougie's in a red dress, da-na-na-na..."
Tom: I'd replace Dougie in McFly.
Harry: I'd replace...um, I don't know...
Danny: Bon Johnham.
Harry: Bon Johnham! I was gonna say that! John Bonham, from Led Zep.
Tom: And he'd replace you in McFly. [Which is amusing for many reasons, not least of which being that he died in 1980. - TOTP Facts Ed.]

fan; If you could be in any role in any movie, what would it be and why? We would like you to be in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Don't ask us why, but we think Harry looks a bit like a pirate.
Harry: [impressed] Arr!
Tom: That's because he's scabby and dirty, that's why.
Harry: No, it's because I look like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom.
Dougie: It's because they found out about your wooden leg. [Laughter.]
Tom: I'd be in Star Wars. I'd be a Wookiee.
Harry: This is not about Star Wars. This is about me being in Pirates of the Caribbean                                                                                              Danny: I'd be ET. [Does an impressive waddling ET impersonation.]             Tom: I reckon I'd be a Jedi.
Dougie: I'd be Willy in Free Willy.
Danny: That's not funny.
Harry: I'd be Arnold Schwarzenberger in Terminator.

 What can we expect from your tour this year? Will there be any more inflatable legs?
Tom: No, but we've got better stuff this tour. You wait.
Dougie: Inflatable genitals.
Tom: No, it's not that. We're just actually designing all the stage and stuff at the moment, but this tour's gonna be better by far. You wait and see what we've got planned.
Dougie: With the elephants and everything.
Tom: We've got a lot of ideas, it's going to be better than the last one.
Dougie: When we play 'Room On The 3rd Floor', get an elephant out.
Tom: [does a very good elephant noise]
[The rest of the band all start making elephant noises, with varying degrees of success.]
Tom: I'm going to do a cow. [Moos.]


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