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Answers to Quizzes

Answers to Danny Quiz
1:) Danny Alan David Jones
2:) Rat Leg
3:) Bruce Springsteen
4:) The Who
5:) E.T
6:) Bolton
7:) Bolton Wanderers
8:) Blonde
9:) James Bourne (Ex-Busted, now in Son of Dork)
10:) Drums, Ukulele, Harmonica and Accordian!

Answers to Tom Quiz
1:) Harrow
2:) 17th of July 1985
3:) The Beach Boys
4:) Katie Holmes
5:) Pizza, Pop Tarts
6:) Tom Fletcher
7:) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8:) Guitar
9:) Cancer
10:) A Star

Answers to General McFLY Quiz (Now Updated and complete =))


1:) Busted, at late 2003/early 2004

2:) Four members. (Full name) Thomas Michael Fletcher, Danny Alan David Jones, Harry Mark Christopher Judd, Dougie Lee Poynter.

3:) Tom

4:) Danny and Tom met first, then put an ad in NME where Dougie and Harry auditioned.

5:) Tom: Guitar, Vocals. Danny: Guitar, Vocals. Dougie: Bass, Vocals. Harry: Drums 

6:) Dougie is the youngest and was 16 when McFLY started!

7:) Matt Fletcher (Not related to Tom! ;-D) 

Road to Success: Singles, Albums, awards and tours

8:) 5 Colours In Her Hair. Charted: No.1
Date of chart: 4th April 2004

9:) Room On The Third Floor. Charted: No.1
Date of chart: 11th July 2004

10:) By being the youngest act ever to have a no.1 album, a record previously held by The Beatles.

11:) Obviously. Date of Chart: 27th June 2004

12:) Release Date: 6th September 2004. Date of Chart: 12th September 2004.

13:) Charted: No.5 
Date of Chart: 21st November 2004

14:) September 2004

15:) 5 awards - Stars of the Year, Best UK Band, Best Album for 'Room on The Third Floor,' Best video for 'That Girl.' And Danny won Most Fanciable Male.
16:) Best Pop Act
17:) 5/6 - including Dougie, Best Pop Mop and Danny Won the Most Fanciable Male again.

18:) Danny

19:) Comic Relief, the song called All About You

20:) 2 weeks 

21:) I'll Be Ok, released 15th August 2005

22:) No. 9

23:) lol....Danny, Dougie and Harry were on top of the piano that Tom was playing on during 'She Falls Asleep' in their only their boxer shorts!!!!!!
24:) It was about a man who was getting in to his 40's and having a mid-life crisis.

25:) Queen

26:) Sport Relief

27:) Please, Please

28:) About falling in love with an alien 

29:) Motion In The Ocean

30:) Friday Night/Sorry's Not Good Enough

31:) Up Close And Personal

32:) Jellyfish

33:) Greatest Hits So Far

34:) The Heart Never Lies

35:) Australia

36:) Universal Island Records

37:) Because they wanted to have complete control over their music.

38:) Super Records

39:) Radio:ACTIVE

40:) Toronto, Canada

41:) Mail On Sunday

42:) 'Lies'

Answers to Harry Quiz
1:) Harry Mark Christopher Judd
2:) Chelmsford
3:) 23rd of December 1985
4:) Uppingham Public School Rutland
5:) Ace Ventura Pet Detective
6:) Juddy Harold
7:) Drums
8:) A gerbil, a black labrador, a jack russel, five chickens and a cat!!
9:) Anything Italian
10:) A Pair of Drum Sticks

Answers to Dougie Quiz
1:) Dougie Poynter
2:) Orsett
3:) 30th November 1987
4:) Blink 182
5:) Two lizards (Zuki-who died awww! and Buffy), two cats, two dogs, one hamster and a frog!
6:) Eating other people's dead skin.
7:) He's the Bass player
8:) Lucozade
9:) Art
10:) Greek, Seafood.

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