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General McFLY Quiz

Note: This quiz is still in the process of updating. I'm trying to think of inventive questions so they are not all the same. But for the moment, you may find it repetitive. New questions about their latest and recent releases and tours will be up soon. Enjoy anyway! :-)


1:) Which band first introduced McFLY and when was this?                                            

2:) How many members are in McFLY? Can you name them? 

3:) Which member of McFLY auditioned for the band that introduced them and then was assigned to wrote songs with them?

4:) Which two members of McFLY first met and which two went to audition?

5:) Who plays what in McFLY?

6:) Who is the youngest out of the band and how old was he when McFLY started?

7:) Who is the band's manager? 

Road to success: Singles, albums, awards and tours.

8:) What was their debut single called and where and when did this chart?
9:) What was their debut album called and where and when did it chart?

10:) What Guinness World Record did the boys set? 

11:) What song did they release as their second single and when did this chart?

12:) 'That Girl,' became their third single, but when was this released and where did it chart? 

13:) Room on The Third Floor became their fourth single, but where and when did this chart?

14:) When did they go on their first headline tour?

15:) How many (Smashhits) Poll Winners Party awards did McFLY win in 2004?

16:) What Brit Award did McFLY win in 2005?

17:) How many Smash Hit Poll Winner Party awards did they win in 2005?
18:) Which McFLY boy won the most fanciable/snogable male two years running at the poll winners?
19:) Which famous charity did they do the official song for in 2005 and what was this song called?
20:) For how many weeks did this song stay at No.1?
21:) After a long well earned break, McFLY released their 6th single which was to be on their forthcoming 2nd album, Wonderland. But when was the single released and what was it called?
22:) Not long after, their 7th single was released, called 'I Wanna Hold You' what number did this chart?
23:) Around this time, McFLY were on their first headline arena tour. The Fans got a shock from their last tour date but what did the guys do???
24:) 'The Ballad Of Paul K/'Ultraviolet' was their next single. What was the Ballad of Paul K about?

25:) ''Don't Stop Me Now'' was the next single to be released after McFLY had a well earned break. Who did this song originally?

26:) ''Don't Stop Me Now'' was also an official song for which charity?

27:) Which song was the double A side of this single?

28:) 'Star Girl' became the next single. What is this song about?

29:) McFLY then toured their forthcoming 3rd album, what was this called?

30:) What was the next double A side single?

31:) McFLY toured again in April 2007, what did they call this tour?

32:) Transylvania and Baby's Coming Back was the next double A side to be released, but who originally sang the second song?

33:) Later that year, McFLY toured again with a fourth album, but what was this album? 

34:) Their next new single, was to be the last cd recorded from the same record label. What was the single called? 

New Beginnings

35:) In what country did McFLY spend Christmas 2007?

36:) Soon after their break, the guys announced that they left their record label/company. Who were their record label? 

37:) Why did they leave it?

38:) What have they named their own record label?

39:) They wrote and recorded their latest album on their Christmas break. What is this album called?

40:) One For The Radio, became their very first single released on their own record label. Where did they shoot the video?

41:) In which national newspaper did they release their latest album for free?

42:) What song have they announced to be their next single?

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