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What's the first thing you'd do?

HARRY: I'd get Simon and Miquita to stand next to us with big feathers and fan us.
DOUGIE: And feed us grapes...
HARRY: While dressed in chains and skimpy clothes. Leather perhaps?

Where would you have your palace?
DOUGIE: Somewhere warm and in the sun.
HARRY: Next door to the POPWORLD studio so we don't have to travel far when we're on the show.

What would be your National Anthem?
HARRY: 'Dreams' by Dizzee Rascal. That's a really funny song.

Who would you like to have as your servants?
DOUGIE: Rachel Stevens!
HARRY: And Cheryl from Girls Aloud. They'd have to wear bikinis like Princess Leia in Return Of The Jedi and stand around and look pretty.
DOUGIE: We'd be their Jabba The Hutts.

What would be illegal in your kingdom?
HARRY: Anything with Von Dutch on it.
DOUGIE: And tracksuits.
HARRY: Really? Tracksuits? Girls look good in tracksuit bottoms.
DOUGIE: OK, just male tracksuits then.

Does that mean you're banning Goldie Lookin' Chain?
DOUGIE: [Laughs] No way, they're the only exception.
HARRY: Their tracksuits are so bad they're good.

What laws would you put in place?
HARRY: It would be compulsory to love McFly, and to own at least three copies of our album.
DOUGIE: Naked Wednesday. Everyone has to get naked on Wednesdays.
HARRY: Nobody's allowed to make a big deal out of anything. Everyone's got to be relaxed and chilled out.

What would we have national days for?
HARRY: National Wet T-shirt Day.
DOUGIE: Thong Appreciation Day. Everyone has to wear a thong for the day, even us males.
HARRY: I think I might stay indoors that day.

Who would you banish from your kingdom?
Scallys. We'd leave 'em stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean where they'd be forced to fend for themselves.
HARRY: I can't think of anyone really. Oh, just Harry Potter. He can go.

Who would you have as your queens?
HARRY: Simon and Miquita. Simon can be head queen.

What would be the national food and drink?
HARRY: Bread and water.

Who would you knight?
HARRY: Both Bedingfields. We like them.
DOUGIE: Ricky Gervais from The Office. Oh, and Bert McKracken from a band called The Used. He's a legend. I really recommend you all go and get their album.

Who would be your successors?

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