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McFly left to right - Tom Fletcher, (Guitar, Vocals) Danny Jones, (Guitar, Vocals) Dougie Poynter, (Bass, Vocals) Harry Judd (Drums)




McFly's OFFICIAL Twitter pages

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Home For All McFLY fans! Welcome to McFLY Mania. I'm Liv and i made this site specially for all the fans. On this site i will update as much as possible about the guys and check up on what they are up to each month. 

PLEASE READ: Disclaimer: please note that I do not know mcfly personally or any of their families. This is genuinly a fan website of the boys and I am not in contact with any of the managers of the official McFLY site. I respect the boys privacy and i think you guys should too. :- ) So please do not download any of their music that hasn't been released that may have leaked out somewhere as i'm sure they dont want that to happen. Feel free to sign my guestbook if you wish. But PLEASE don't post random spam on it - just a waste of time for you and for me to have to delete it. Thanks for taking a look at my site and Enjoy! 

14th June 2009 

Hello fellow fans! McFLY are back from their South American Tour! Site news: The Media pages are in the process of updates; Videos of singles are back up - most videos courtesy of Youtube are now on the page. The rest will be added soon! McFLY's Trip To Africa has now been updated, with the You've Got A Friend video on the page. I've gotta run, will be back later - so check the site later for more updates! Thanks for your patience! =)

26th May 2009

The McFLY biography is in slow update, I have been improving the writing and including things I missed out when I first wrote it. Things are slow in progress, as I am in deep thought as to what is most important to update and keep fresh, and what should be added next. It is a huge task for one so I ask for your patience! I do hope you are enjoying the changes and additions so far, and I welcome any suggestions you may have. :) 

21st May 2009 

The McFly Biography is soon to be up to date with everything McFly have achieved since 2004. Gigs And Tours 'Wonderland' and Up Close And Personal' are almost complete, check out the interviews taken exclusively from the tour programs! For news of McFly themselves, check out their twitter pages (links at top), official site and myspace for now, I will get there eventually, please be patient with me, I am the only person who owns and updates the site! =)
20th May 2009

Site updates:

Gigs And Tours page: Links have been made for a page of each McFly Tour so far. Videos have been added to the First Tour page and the Wonderland Tour page. Keep checking back for more additions!

The Discography pages have had a slight makeover. The Singles have moved to a brand new page, the link is on the main Discography page. The albums will stay on the main page. 
The Gigs And Tours page is under construction - will be completed over the next week or so. 
I am planning on revamping the News pages - I know that they have not been in use for a long time so this will be tidied up soon. 
Due to unforseen circumstances, parts of the Media pages are down as most of the videos got deleted. You can still view the magazine interviews and there are a few videos left available to watch on the view more videos page. I am thinking of more ideas for these pages so keep checking back for updates. 

18th May 2009

All four of McFly are now on Twitter. Their official pages are on the top of the homepage.
I am also on twitter
I will be using updates for this site so you can follow what I'm up to on it. Tell your friends about this site please!

McFly's new Radio:ACTIVE tour DVD is out now. You can buy it from most retailers, hmv, tesco etc. 

McFly were on Radio 1 yesterday co hosting the chart show with Reggie Yates as Fearne Cotton was away. You can listen the show by going to this link

They will be in Brazil from Thursday 21st May. 

The new video of 'Falling In Love,'  a promotion for the DVD will be up in the media pages soon. LOADS MORE WILL BE ADDED SOON! McFLY Mania @ tripod is going to try hard to be bigger and better than ever!!!

6th April 2009

Hi everyone, sorry about the long wait for updates, had trouble with the internet working! So, where do I start?! 

McFLY have added the final date to their 2nd Up Close And Personal Tour - they will be at Cambridge Corn Exchange on May 10th. Tickets went on sale March 28th - book now to get your tickets before they sell out! 

Some of you may now have heard of the latest craze that is buzzing around the net recently - Twitter, and McFLY are just the latest to join. Tom has posted a blog on McFLY's official myspace posting the links to their official pages. Here is the blog :
(shall try to make the link clickable soon).

 Tom, Danny and Dougie have joined, Harry is yet to join. According to Dougie on his page ''Harry has only just learnt how to use google.'' We have  already learnt that Tom is a fan of the Twilight Saga and that Dougie wishes he was a dog! Go check them out! It may persuade you to join if you havn't already.
(will make these clickable soon)

They will be at Amsterdam on April 18th for their next show.
I have deleted all the old news that is not relevant  anymore - just so there is less scrolling! 2009 news will stay up. 
More news to follow!

I will now put up the Diary Dates of McFLY's new UCAP tour. They have also announced that David Archuleta from American Idol will join them on all dates of their tour. More news to come soon - please be patient for this - interruptions to the site may occur for a few days.

I've had a change of banner ^^ - made it myself, what do you think?? (I still love the old one though - just thought the site needed a change =D)

The official Myspace for this site - so i can get in touch with the other fans (through myspace only). Click on banner below to add!  Banner made by becca's ♥heart♥ never lies![MS]
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Gigs and Performances 2 (Click here for exclusive photos of mcfly's motion in the ocean tour)

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